Yacht Brokers

Put our resources to work for you.

At Global Marine Brokerage, we specialize in the efficient liquidation of boats and yachts, both the ones we own and the ones we broker. For over a decade, we have sold and brokered boats all over the world and served sellers who want results rather than promises.

The Global Marine Difference

Over the many years of buying and selling boats on speculation for the purpose of resale, we have developed the skills and relationships needed to quickly sell them. Few other brokerage houses have the same level of expertise and proven results as Global Marine as few other brokerage houses actually own their own inventory.

We provide value to our brokerage customers by:

  • Spending money to give potential buyers the best online experience of your boat including high quality photos and videos, drone footage and virtual tours.
  • Utilizing our expansive network of brokers, dealers and boat buyers from across the globe;
  • Brokering boats of all sizes so we can help you regardless of the boat you are selling;
  • Conduct onboard inspections resulting in detailed inventories and accurate equipment lists.

Combined, we believe that these resources are essential to modern boat brokerage and deliver the best outcomes to our customers.

The Results

While we can’t guarantee a sale, we are committed to presenting your boat to qualified buyers and managing the purchase process from beginning to end. We treat each brokerage listing as though it were a boat we own. We specialize in the quick and efficient sale of boats, which can save you both time and money.  In the event that you want a quick cash offer on your boat, click here.

Let us help you find the right buyer for your boat.