Oct 162020

Looking for Yacht Deals in Tough Economic Times? Communication Is Key

COVID-19 has changed the world, and the economic downturn we are currently seeing is likely to stick around for a bit. As a result, the yacht and boating industry will have a number of owners and brokers who need to sell to leverage cash. The industry will also see buyers looking to score excellent deals on a new boat. In both of these scenarios, communicating your needs with Global Marine can help you get the best deal.

We’ve Weathered This Storm Before

Global Marine is no stranger to economic struggles. In fact, we were founded 12 years ago in one of the boating industry’s biggest market downturns. We know what it takes to weather this economic storm, and we are here to help you with your boat buying and selling needs in the days ahead.

Looking to Score a Deal? Keep Us Informed

ron-gail-slideThe economic impacts of COVID-19 may continue impacting the boating industry for two to three years. Many boat owners will find themselves needing to sell to relieve financial pressures. If you’re in a position to buy, this is a great time to upgrade your existing boat or purchase your first vessel, and score a good deal in the process. All you need is to find the right seller and the right boat.

We’re here to put the pieces of the puzzle together to help you find that deal. To find the right deal, communication is critical. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find a deal

Fast, Profitable Boat Sales Made Easier

If the economic situation left behind due to COVID-19 has created a cash shortage for you, selling your boat can ease the strain. The industry does still have buyers out there, and we know where they are. By keeping Global Marine in the loop, you can quickly find a qualified buyer who wants what you have to sell.

Dealers and Brokers: Stay in Communication for the Best Deals

Whether you’re buying or selling, the key to making things happen in the current economic situation is communication. We’ll find you the deals, and you need to stay in constant communication with your top deal or your top two deals once we do. Check in with Global Marine at least once a week to see where they are in the process, so you’ll be ready to move when they are. With us at the helm and the right communication in place, you can achieve your goals even during the pandemic and its aftermath.