About Joe

Joe is the founder of Global Marine Brokerage.

On July 7th, 2008 Joe opened Global Marine with the mission of it becoming the largest boat and yacht reseller, and the “first call” for anyone needing to quickly sell a boat for cash. His specialty is raising money, negotiating, and finding deals. In short, his focus is on one primary goal: making sales happen. Joseph’s focus at Global Marine Brokerage is on the speculative purchase and sale of luxury boats and yachts. His creativity and synergetic approach in negotiating complex deals have made him a valuable asset in the marine industry. From the capital intensive model for buying and selling yachts, Joseph quickly learned to build relationships with private equity firms and investors, and he learned the importance of developing a proactive network of buyers and sellers capable of closing more deals in less time. So, today Joseph devotes himself to being the deal guy—quick, efficient, and reliable—negotiating and sourcing opportunities for boat buyers and sellers around the Globe.

Joe, his wife, Julie, and their sons Benjamin and Owen currently live in Saint Petersburg, FL Contact Joe.

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