Sell Us Your Yacht, Liquidate Today

Why Cash Out Today?

If you are looking for a quick, cash, guaranteed purchase on your boat or yacht that requires no repairs, extra fees, or delays, call Global Marine now.

Owning a boat is expensive, but what many boat owners don’t realize is that selling can be costly and there are many unknowns. Brokerage commissions, survey recommendations/repairs, and delayed closing times can quickly add up.

At Global Marine, we take the headaches out of selling your boat, allowing you to to liquidate it by cashing out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Cash vs Brokerage / Retail Model

Selling your boat through a broker generally requires signing a minimum 90-day contract with no guarantee the boat will sell in that time frame. If the boat does sell, the brokerage house will take a 10 percent commission on the sales price.

If you choose to sell your boat yourself, you will have to list it, maintain the listing, follow up on leads, negotiate with savvy or insincere buyers, and cope with the frustration of seemingly promising deals that end up going nowhere.

In both of these scenarios it will also be your responsibility to bring the boat up to sale-ready condition, arrange sea trials and surveys, and if you go the retail route, handle the paperwork – or pay someone to do it for you.

Reduce the Risks of the Unknown

The market for boats and yachts is always volatile and fast-moving. The factors that can influence the current market value of your boat include: upcoming boat shows, new model releases, the number of pre-owned boats currently on the market, and trends in what styles, makes or models are currently popular.

If your sale coincides with any of these events, or if many similar, aggressively priced-to-sell boats hit the market at the time you are trying to sell, you may be forced to lower your price to remain competitive, or hold onto your boat for longer than you’d like in the uncertain hope that interest and prices come back up.

The Global Marine Advantage

At Global Marine, we take the risk out of selling your boat. When you sell your boat to us, we assume all opportunity costs, time and energy associated with selling your boat. We remove the need to make last minute repairs and perhaps, most importantly, the risk of buyers changing their mind. Over 50% of contracted boat sales never close.

Global Marine enjoys well established working relationships with several leading marine retailers and is regarded as a trustworthy and reliable resource in the industry providing certainty of close.

Time is money. If you’re ready to Get Instant Cash for Your boat or Yacht without worrying about all Repairs, Fees, and Uncertainties, Call Global Marine today.

  • We do not buy project boats.
  • Minimum wholesale value is $100,000.
  • Maximum wholesale value is $5 Million.