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Apr 212020

Global Marine Strong to Help Yacht Owners During Covid-19

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our personal and professional lives. As we adjust to our new normal, the biggest impact our industry faces are the unknowns. We don’t know how long social distancing will last or what the real impacts will be once the world returns to some semblance of normal. This is the hard part of this situation, we don’t know when we will be able to safely show boats or sell inventory.

At Global Marine Brokerage, we understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on boat owners, dealers, and brokers, and we are here to help. We are committed to remaining in business during this time to support those in our industry.

Experience in Weathering Storms

Global Marine was founded 12 years ago, in the middle of the biggest recession and market downturn our industry has ever experienced. Despite the economy, we successfully established and grew our business.

Today we are once again prepared to weather this storm. Global Marine is a heavily funded company backed by investors and companies who are committed to our success. This foundation allows us to continue to actively purchase boats even if economic recovery takes two to three years.

Resources to Help

Within our industry, Global Marine is known as a company that operates from integrity. We honor our promises and stand by our sales well after the original bid or purchase offer is made. The current industry crisis does not change our ethics. Despite all of the unknowns and hardships, we will always be the company that can be relied on to do what is right by its customers, both buyers and sellers. We never re-trade or renegotiate contracts or compromise our ethics.

In other words, if a broker or dealer is in the process of taking a trade and we give them a bid to purchase it, we will honor that agreement. As long as the lines of communication remain open throughout the process, and we are notified within a reasonable period of time, typically 7 to 10 days, that the purchase is coming together, we will be an asset to the process and assist in closing the deal.

We understand that the last thing that brokers and dealers need right now is more uncertainty. Too many wholesalers and boat buyers place offers and then abandon the deals or change the numbers, leaving the brokers and dealers to flounder. This is not how we operate, regardless of the market conditions.

Reach Out

If you are a broker, dealer, or boat owner that needs to make a lease or sale, please call Global Marine Brokerage at (727)498-6477. We’re here to discuss your deal and determine how we can assist in the process.