Referral Benefits for Global Marine Boats

Global Marine Brokerage is considered the largest wholesaler of yachts and boats in the United States and we serve clients across the country and around the world. We are proud of our well-deserved reputation for hassle-free boat sales with fast closes, fair pricing and quick cash. We rely on our network of brokers, dealers, customers, friends and family to maintain our quality inventory and find the right buyer for every boat in our yard.

Anyone making a referral to us that results in a boat purchase or sale is generously compensated in an amount between 2% and 6% of the gross purchase or sale price of the boat depending on the structure of the completed deal. Factors that impact referral compensation often includes the size, age and condition of the boat and whether there is a trade or outright sale or purchase. We close transactions quickly, which means that referrers have cash in hand as soon as we complete the sale or purchase.

We encourage everyone, including brokers, dealers and customers, to become a part of our network and enjoy the financial benefits of providing quality referrals. And remember, we do accept boats that require repairs so the customer does not need to incur these expenses prior to offering it to us for sale. There are no additional fees and we offer the best prices and referral compensations in the industry.

Please contact us today with your confidential information and join our exceptional referral network.