May 012014

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

The 2014 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show was expansive enough to entertain visitors over the course of more than five days. The Bahia Mar and Las Olas Marinas hosted an impressive water display of luxury boats in addition to the traditional convention center displays. While there were generous opportunities for networking with dealers and brokers on incoming trades, wholesale opportunities and matching bids, there were also notable changes to this year’s clientele. Instead of the prospect-based line up and searching primarily for boats to buy, the show atmosphere was more conducive to boat owners approaching me directly wanting to liquidate, trade or wholesale their boats and yachts and make room for the new boat. This year I found it very difficult to respond to the vast number of inquiries and I apologize for any delay caused by this intermittent increase in activity.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show attended by Global Marine BoatsInterestingly, the deals and retail buyer requests that I have observed over the duration of this show have changed drastically. Global Marine in particular is in receipt of requests for boat deals otherwise unavailable in the used or brokerage markets entirely. Favorably, we are often able to accommodate these transactions thanks to special industry opportunities that Global Marine enjoys through our established, reputable network. New buyers, referrals, and previous clients continue to bring new business our way, help us to surpass even wholesale revenue benchmarks, and advantageously grow our company’s already stellar reputation. I personally was able to meet with four separate clients from across the country with these types of requests pertaining specifically to this year’s boat show. Show opportunities, especially the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, are always favorable for showcasing the latest technologies and influencing ultimate buyer decisions. When prospective buyers can compare features and tangibly experience a vessel, they are allowed to step outside of their pre-determined idea of what would make them happy and instead focus directly on why a particular boat would be great for them. This means balancing price with amenities and performance. In the event that negotiations progress, it is the buyers with open minds that will be able to secure the absolute best deal. When they approach the purchase from a wholesale perspective rather than getting bogged down in finding the perfect boat, is where the deals come into play.

In closing I would like to extend sincere gratitude on behalf of Global Marine Boats along with my personal appreciation and recognition to the elite class of luxury boat and yacht buyers who have allowed us to represent their interests in procuring their next yacht. We recognize the seriousness of this unique opportunity that few professionals in our industry ever get to experience and revel in the excitement these transactions generate. The trust provided us through our exclusive list of brokers and dealers who’s inventory interests range into, and exceed seven figures is not overlooked and we look forward to more frequent and even larger yacht sales.

Attending such a successful show has been both a personal pleasure and a compelling demonstration of how fortunate our position truly is. It is with great confidence that I anticipate an even greater strength and outcome of success for both the industry and Global Marine moving forward. As a personal note, having had the opportunity to collaborate with my friends at this year’s Fort Lauderdale Show, my perspective is nothing short of inspired. After previous year’s setbacks and various challenges of the late 2000’s, it is with optimism and excitement that I acknowledge and share in the deserved success and current position of our dealers and brokers. I stand enthusiastic, and personally committed to endorsing our remarkable trade so that it remains as esteemed as it is now, and I look forward to an enduring bright future.