May 202018

Global Marine at Center of New Trend in Luxury Boat and Yacht Sales

Owners of luxury boats and yachts traditionally use a brokerage firm when selling or using their boat as a trade-in with the dealer when purchasing a new one. Unfortunately, this process can cost time and money while delivering poor results. In fact, the owner of one of the largest boat brokerage houses in the country recently told me that more than 50% of the brokerage contracts his company writes never close. This problem has resulted in a new trend: owners of luxury yachts are contacting Global Marine directly when it’s time to sell.

The Global Marine Difference

Global Marine has an extensive network of dealers and brokers that we work with on a daily basis, but recently our customer-direct business has exploded. The reason? We have a reputation of being:

  • Honest. The price we quote is the one we pay. There is no renegotiation of the purchase price.
  • Direct. We don’t haggle over survey items or other issues.
  • Fast. We move quickly to close a deal, saving you the cost of storage, insurance and maintenance on a boat you no longer want to own.

Unlike selling your boat through the brokerage channels, we don’t wait for a buyer before paying you for your boat. There is no commission on the sale, waiting for buyer financing to be completed, or a price change based on selling negotiations. Generally, owners who work with us expect to receive 5 to 15 percent less than they would selling their boat on their own. However, this amount is quickly offset by the elimination of out of pocket costs, such as insurance and storage, fees, etc. Also, you have a guaranteed sale rather than waiting for a 6 month brokerage agreement to expire with no buyers in sight at the conclusion.

Recent Case Studies

In the last month alone, Global Marine has purchased three boats from owners who heard about us through people in the industry. Two of these customers had considered trading their boat at their dealership but ended up selling directly to us instead. The process was faster, paid more than they would have received as a trade in, and they had cash in hand to negotiate a better price of their new boat.

The third owner had already purchased a 2.5 million dollar, 90 foot motor yacht. He had considered brokering his older boat, a Meridian, but didn’t want the hassle of waiting for a retail customer to come in. Instead he worked with us and we purchased his boat within days of meeting him. He walked away with cash and plus his new boat and we are getting ready to go to market with a fantastic opportunity on his old boat.

The Trend

Since we opened our doors, nearly 100% of our business came from working with boat dealers and brokers, but in the last year more and more boat owners have contacted us directly, changing the dynamics of our business. This change occurred because we offers certainty of close, no finance contingency, and a fair price. At Global Marine there is no renegotiation of the purchase price, no haggling over survey items, and we move quickly to close the deal, things you traditionally don’t find in the brokerage world.

Let us take the stress and hassle out of selling your boat. Call me, Joe Lieser at (727)498-6477. With Global Marine, you don’t have to worry about repairs, hidden fees, or sale delays.