Apr 012014

A Shifting Model for Marketing Boats and Yachts

At Global Marine, our industry contacts and robust network of dealers and brokers make us a better-than-average barometer of the current market for private boats. Even if you’ve contemplated buying a boat purely for pleasure, you’ve probably also calculated the vessel’s value as an investment. While boats can be lucrative commodities, they are also bought and sold on a fluctuating market that has seen fundamental changes over the last few years.

The Old vs. the New Model

Only a few years ago, people looking to buy boats would call a wholesaler, get a buy-now number and make a decision based more on gut feeling than facts.

That model has changed. Recent economic uncertainty has made investors increasingly cautious, and the power of the Internet has led to more informed, better educated, and consequently more powerful consumers.

Today’s sellers are looking to realize maximum profits with minimal stress, while buyers seek to get the most for their money. We’ve spent years building an operating system that makes Global Marine uniquely positioned to fulfill both goals.

Masters of the Market

Unlike some companies that prefer to ride the wave of the past, Global Marine has embraced the new business model along with cutting-edge technology and up-to-the-minute market analysis. Instead of listing your boat, we use our network of dealer and broker contacts to find a buyer for your boat almost before you’ve decided to sell.

For dealers and brokers, our system provides the perfect solution. If you’re looking for a certain make, model, size or manufacturer for a client, we know what’s available, where to find it, and its current real market value. By eliminating the need for excess inventory and streamlining the selling process, we make locating the right boat easier than ever before.

A Vision for the Future

Today’s pleasure boat market is highly volatile and promises to continue to fluctuate in the years to come.

At Global Marine, you’ll find knowledgeable experts who understand the current conditions and are willing to embrace and anticipate coming trends. Don’t accept outdated or undervalued systems for buying or selling your boat. Discover the future at Global Marine.