Feb 012014



The next few weeks leading up to the Miami Boat Show are an exciting time at Global Marine. Miami is one of the largest boat shows in the world, and people come from all over to buy, sell, trade-up and check out new opportunities. Our presence in the market and our geographical location makes Global Marine uniquely positioned to ramp up and buy boats for resale at the show.

A Leading Market Indicator

At Global Marine, we’ve noticed that increased interest from our network of boat brokers and dealers is a good indicator of a thriving market, and this January we’ve experienced a level of excitement, volume and energy that surpasses anything we’ve seen in the last three or four years. 2014 promises to be a banner year for Global Marine and our clients; the Miami Boat Show is just the beginning.

Building on Past Success

Since the beginning, we’ve invested the time and effort necessary to build our network of dealers and brokers, and in 2013 our hard work produced results for several boat owners, including the sale of two handsomely appointed yachts.  This year we plan on continuing to expand our network and industry contacts while narrowing our focus to deliver even better results to our partners and their clients.

Focusing on the Future

We believe in constructing the foundation of a well-rounded business: building a robust network of brokers and dealers as well as buying, selling, marketing and inventorying boats. Going forward, we’re going to use our muscular network and the power of our experience to do what we do best: sourcing boats and becoming a conduit of contact between sellers and buyers.

An Established, Trustworthy and Credible Source

Boat sales are a niche market. Not many wholesalers do what we do and no one does it better. Our respected position in the industry lets us put together the best deals on both sides of the table. If you’re selling a boat, we may be able to find a ready buyer. If you’re buying, we probably have a contact that is looking to sell. By skipping the retail sector and going straight to Global Marine, you may be able to sell for more than you expected or get more boat for your money.

Join us in making 2014 the best year ever and buy or sell your boat with Global Marine.